Steering control collision avoidance system and verification through subject study


Many of auto crash connected fatalities are caused by run-off-road crashes and failures of the drivers to avoid obstacles in front of them. This could happen in close to collision encounters, where the motive force ought to steer so as to avoid a crash. In these things, some drivers steer too much and burst the road, and a few do not steer enough and collide with the obstacle. In this study, the authors developed a steering management collision avoidance system (SCCAS) to help drivers to soundly perform severe manoeuvres and avoid such crashes. This method is activated by the motive force's steering input, and was implemented during a automobile driving simulator to study human interactions. Testing the themes with no collision avoidance feature resulted in collision with the obstacles in sixty one out of sixty three encounters; whereas, using the implemented SCCAS, the subjects avoided forty four out of sixty near collision encounters in an exceedingly new situation with the identical level of problem as the first tests. The post-experiment surveys revealed that besides the effectiveness of the system in reducing the crashes, it was acceptable to the drivers and they found the activation type intuitive.

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