A Pseudo-Divide-By-Carrier Coherent Demodulator for DSB-SC Signals


A novel demodulation technique was introduced to recover the baseband signal from a DSB-SC pass-band signal. The technique relies on an arithmetic division of the DSB-SC wave by a synchronized carrier wave. The phase error and frequency drifts may lead to severely corrupted signal. A earner recovery technique (PLL or signal squaring method) are recommended for robust operation. The electronic circuit responsible for regenerating baseband signal was introduced. To ensure stable operation, a pseudo division technique is briefly introduced to avoid the accidental division by zero for nonsynchronized earners. The proposed technique builds a coherent direct conversion demodulator that needs no filtering and thus accommodates various baseband bandwidths. Simulation results show that using a synchronized carrier will result in accurate results. However, the complexity shall increase while implementing the pseudo division and thus conventional direct conversion receivers become simpler, but on the cost of involving filtering, which limits baseband bandwidths and introduces phase delay.

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