Graphene-Based Strain Sensor Array on Carbon Fiber Composite Laminate


Innovative graphene-based sensors are made through the spray deposition of multilayer graphene suspension in one-propanol. They're price effective and suitable for massive-scale integration in aeronautical-grade composite structures. The piezoresistive characteristic of the new sensor has been assessed through static, quasi-static, and dynamic tests. The obtained results show that the new sensors are appropriate for detecting strains in any directions due to the isotropic piezoresistive characteristic of the graphene-based material. Moreover, the potentiality of the proposed sensors for the in situ non-damaging investigations of carbon-fiber-bolstered composite (CFRC) is assessed through the response analysis of an eight-sensor array deposited over a CFRC plate, and excited by a mechanical vibration with a spectral content up to a hundred kHz.

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