Discrimination of Carrier Conduction Mechanisms of InP/InGaAsP/InAs/InP Laser Structure Through $J$ – $V$ – $T$ Measurements


The properties of InP/InGaAsP/InAs/InP laser structure, mainly used in the fiber optic telecommunication industry, were investigated through current density-voltage- temperature ( – – ) measurement at intervals dark and light-weight conditions. Tunneling and generation-recombination carrier conduction mechanisms were identified among a junction bias voltage of zero–zero.6 V. On top of zero.half dozen V, Poole–Frenkel was the actual path in conduction and the mobility of carrier make up my mind quantitatively by means that of temperature-dependent – curves within the space charge bias region. A thermal energy gap of 0.eight eV corresponded to the band gap of quantum dashes in that radiative recombination materialized to emit a laser lightweight at 1550 nm.

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