Bifacial Growth InGaP/GaAs/InGaAs Concentrator Solar Cells


A three-junction concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) cell with 1.nine-eV InGaP high and one.forty two-eV GaAs middle cells on one facet of an infrared-transparent N-GaAs wafer and a 0.ninety four-eV InGaAs bottom cell on the opposite wafer side (backside) is described. This design isolates the higher lattice-matched subcells from threading dislocations generated throughout the expansion of the lattice-mismatched bottom subcell. The cell uses a unique epitaxial bifacial growth technique with only a straightforward water rinse and spin dry between growths on opposite wafer sides. The simplest independently verified potency for a 1-cm$^a pair of$ cell is forty two.3% at 406-suns AM1.5D at 25 °C (V$_rm oc$ three.452 V, 87.1% FF, and 1-sun J $_rm sc$ of fourteen.07 mA/cm $^2$). We have a tendency to give knowledge on single-junction subcells and tunnel junctions within the tandem, quantum potency, and temperature coefficient data, discuss use of a thin pseudomorphic layer at the rear of the GaAs middle subcell to extend the wavelength response, and discuss the good thing about graded doping layers in increasing subcell one-sun J$_rm sc$ at the top and bottom subcells.

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