In Situ Current Determination of a-Si/μc-Si Tandem Solar Cells via Transmission Measurements During Silicon PECVD


In situ optical transmission measurements performed during thin-film silicon plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) are presented. Hereto, the plasma emission was used as light source. With this setup information about thickness, crystallinity and absorption characteristic of the growing intrinsic silicon thin film can be obtained. By integrating the intrinsic layers in solar cells with p-i-n configuration, the layer information gained in situ during the PECVD process can be directly correlated to the generated short-circuit current of the solar cell. The intention of this paper is to show that, by using these transmission measurements for the estimation of solar cell currents, an in situ current matching of stacked a-Si/μc-Si tandem devices is possible, which is a useful extension of the process control techniques.

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