Low-Profile Head-Worn Antenna With a Monopole-Like Radiation Pattern


We have a tendency to gift a low-profile antenna derived from a center-fed circular patch to provide uniform spatial coverage around an individual's head in five.eight-GHz ISM band. With the thickness of solely 7 mm, it provides a compelling resolution for a beacon-like radiator or harvester embedded in a smart headgear or in an in/off-body Communication relay-station. We have a tendency to can 1st outline the development of an ellipsoid head model for numerically efficient optimization of the antenna and then detail the antenna development based mostly on full-wave simulations. The results are validated using an anatomical head model and measurements each in air and in head-worn configuration. The measured results show that the antenna achieves a zero-dBi gain within the spatial angles around the head. The simulated radiation efficiency is seventy sixpercent, and specific absorption rate (SAR) is well below ICNIRP and FCC limits even with a hundred mW antenna power.

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