Novel Widely Tunable Monolithically Integrated Laser Source


We have a tendency to report a novel kind of monolithically integrated tunable semiconductor laser. The tuning is achieved by 3 intracavity Mach–Zehnder interferometers, realized in passive waveguides and using voltage-controlled electro-optic phase modulators requiring solely four management voltages. The potential of the look is demonstrated by a realized laser system that shows an optical linewidth of 363 kHz, output power of three mW, and a record tuning vary of 74.three nm. Such a nonstop wavelength span is in more than any monolithic semiconductor laser reported up to date. Precision of the tuning mechanism is demonstrated by a scan over a zero.eighty nine-GHz-wide absorption line of acetylene. The laser design is suitable for a number of applications, together with gas spectroscopy, telecommunication, and optical coherence tomography. The laser has been fabricated during a multi-project wafer run on an indium phosphide-based generic photonic foundry platform and demonstrates the potential of these technology platforms.

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