Optimization of p-Bonding Electrodes on ZnO:Ga in GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes


We propose the optimal p-bonding electrode (p-BE) schemes on single-crystalline Ga-doped ZnO (ZnO:Ga) in GaN-based mostly light-weight-emitting diodes (LEDs) by means of Cr (three nm)/ (50 nm) reflection-assisted layer (RAL) and Pd0.8Al0.two/Ni/Au layers. Design factors for the p-BE were described from standpoints of bond strength, electrically equivalent circuit, and photon reflection. From contact check results, the Cr/Al–Cu RAL/Pd–Al/Ni/Au theme is a lot of more engaging than alternative schemes, indicating the optimal scheme for ZnO transparent-conducting electrode (TCE). The comparisons from device-performance characteristics showed that the forward voltage and output power of the LED having Cr/Al–Cu/Pd–Al/Ni/Au within the open-structured ZnO:Ga are significantly improved, as compared to those of LEDs with conventionally used Cr/Al/Ni/Au in the open-structured indium tin oxide and ZnO:Ga. Moreover, for acceleration test beneath high-stress current density of ninety nine A/cm2, a degradation rate of the proposed bonding electrode-applied LED is times as low as that of the opposite LEDs, indicating longer lifetime and a lot of more thermal stability. Based on the test results, the recommended p-BE is quite engaging for achieving high-performance and glorious reliability GaN-primarily based LEDs with a single-crystalline ZnO TCE.

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