Progressive and Cost-Effective Bidirectional CATV/Wireless-Over-Fiber Lightwave Transport System


A progressive bidirectional cable television (CATV)/wireless-over-fiber lightwave transmission system based mostly on one broadband light-weight supply (BLS), one arrayed waveguide grating, 2 intensity modulators, and one part modulator is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. A continuous amplified spontaneous emission BLS is split into eight channels within the C-band with 50-GHz spacing. The multiple equal-space optical spectra exhibit a high optical signal-to-noise ratio (≥ fifty five dB) and smart flatness (≤ five dB). A high-quality comb multicarrier provides one wavelength and twin millimeter-wave bands for baseband CATV and wireless transport systems. Many measured values (carrier-to-noise ratio ≥ 64 dB, composite second order ≥ 62 dB, composite triple beat ≥ 63 dB, and bit error rate $leq 10^-9 $) will be obtained from distortion-reduced and noise-free performance. Moreover, downstream and upstream high-bit-rate wireless transmissions exhibit an interference-eliminating property. Thus, the proposed system will not only provide a future for progressive fiber backbone and CATV/wireless hybrid networks, but conjointly provides a full-duplex interference-free for prime-data-rate mobile Communication and in-home CATV access networks moreover.

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