Traveling repairman problem for optical network recovery to restore virtual networks after a disaster [invited]


Virtual networks mapped over a physical network will suffer disconnection and/or outage thanks to disasters. After a disaster happens, the network operator should verify a repair schedule and then send repairmen to repair failures following the schedule. The schedule can modification the result of a disaster by changing the restoration order of failed elements. In this study, we introduce the traveling repairman drawback to help the network operator make the schedule once a disaster. We measure the effect of a disaster from the injury it caused, and we outline the damage because the numbers of disconnected virtual networks, failed virtual links, and failed physical links. Our objective is to find an optimal schedule for a repairman to revive the optical network with minimum injury. We 1st state the problem; then a mixed integer linear program (MILP) and three heuristic algorithms, particularly dynamic programming (DP), the greedy algorithm (GR), and simulated annealing (SA), are proposed. Finally, simulation results show that the repair schedules using MILP and DP results get the least injury however the highest complexity; GR gets the best damage with rock bottom complexity, while SA features a good balance between damage and complexity.

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