Stability of Silicon Carbide Particle Detector Performance at Elevated Temperatures


The alpha spectroscopy performance and electric current stability of 4H-silicon carbide Schottky devices with fifty μm epitaxial layer was examined at temperatures between 300 to five hundred K at fifty K intervals. An activation energy of 5.98 ±zero.sixty four meV was extracted from temperature dependent resistivity measurements. The Schottky barrier height decreases from 1.33 eV at three hundred K to one.11 eV at five hundred K and also the ideality factor increases from 1.seventeen at 300 K to 1.seventy nine at five hundred K. The reverse bias leakage currents stabilizes faster at higher temperatures. The charge assortment efficiency is above ninetyp.c for temperatures up to 500 K. Pulse height spectra collected for 24 hours at constant voltage and temperature show improvements with time among the primary eight hours and remained stable for the rest of the acquisition time. The peak width of the alpha spectra reduces considerably with increasing temperature at applied bias voltages below 50 V, which indicates that leakage currents are not the limiting issue in those conditions even at 500 K in our set up. Therefore so much, the devices indicate reasonable stability for extended periods of operation and highlight possible applications in harsh radiation media.

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