Parametric Spatial Sound Processing: A flexible and efficient solution to sound scene acquisition, modification, and reproduction


Flexible and economical spatial sound acquisition and subsequent processing are of paramount importance in Communication and assisted listening devices like mobile phones, hearing aids, sensible TVs, and rising wearable devices (e.g., smart watches and glasses). In application eventualities where the amount of sound sources quickly varies, sources move, and nonstationary noise and reverberation are commonly encountered, it remains a challenge to capture sounds in such a means that they can be reproduced with a high and invariable sound quality. Additionally, the target in terms of what desires to be captured, and how it should be reproduced, depends on the appliance and on the user?s preferences. Parametric spatial sound processing has been around for two decades and provides a versatile and economical resolution to capture, code, and transmit, furthermore manipulate and reproduce spatial sounds.

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