Network planning for dual residential- business exploitation of next-generation passive optical networks to provide symmetrical 1 Gb/s services


Demand for high-speed access for business and residential subscribers has grown rapidly in recent years; thus, service providers need to offer value-effective solutions to hide this demand. Convergence inside the identical infrastructure for shoppers requiring totally different service levels may have advantages in terms of price, but their respective service-level specifications would like to be guaranteed. This article compares completely different flavors of next-generation passive optical networks (PONs), specifically, gigabit PON (GPON), ten-gigabit PON (XG-PON), time and wavelength division multiplexing PON (TWDM-PON), and wavelength division multiplexing PON (WDM-PON), and evaluates that one can give one Gb/s symmetrical service at the additional affordable price when there's a mix of residential and business subscribers. Results show that the counseled technology depends on the proportion of business subscribers within the scenario.

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