Fast Broadband Beamforming Using Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform for Underwater Real-Time 3-D Acoustical Imaging


A broadband a pair of-D array is important for the application of underwater real-time 3-D high-resolution acoustical imaging. However, the number of sensors and beams is thus massive that the computational load is overly high for generating a three-D image in real time, when using the traditional broadband beamforming strategies. So, a quick broadband beamforming method is required. In this paper, a fast broadband frequency-domain beamforming methodology primarily based on nonuniform quick Fourier rework is proposed for underwater real-time three-D acoustical imaging. The computational load of the proposed method is one or 2 orders of magnitude below that by the traditional frequency-domain direct methodology. Compared with the standard time-domain delay-and-total methodology, the computational load required by the proposed technique can be lowered by approximately three orders of magnitude. Moreover, not like the chirp zeta transform (CZT) beamforming technique that is only appropriate for equispaced a pair of-D arrays or sparse arrays thinned from equispaced 2-D arrays, the proposed technique can be applied to arbitrary two-D arrays. Even for the arrays on the market for the CZT methodology, the computational load required by using the proposed technique remains lower than that needed by using the CZT technique in most cases.

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