Bulk Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks: Analysis, Implications and Improvement


To ensure reliability, bulk data dissemination relies on the negotiation scheme in that senders and receivers negotiate transmission schedule through a 3-manner handshake procedure. But, we have a tendency to notice negotiation incurs an extended dissemination time and seriously defers the network-wide convergence. On the opposite hand, the flooding approach, which is conventionally thought-about inefficient and energy-consuming, will facilitate bulk data dissemination if appropriately incorporated. This motivates us to pursue a delicate tradeoff between negotiation and flooding in the bulk information dissemination. We tend to propose SurF (Survival of the Fittest), a bulk data dissemination protocol that adaptively adopts negotiation and leverages flooding opportunistically. SurF incorporates a time-reliability model to estimate the time efficiencies (flooding versus negotiation) and dynamically selects the fittest one to facilitate the dissemination method. We implement SurF in TinyOS a pair and evaluate its performance with 40 TelosB nodes. The results show that SurF, whereas retaining the dissemination reliability, reduces the dissemination time by 40 p.c in average, compared with the state-of-the-art protocols.

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