Fast Converging ADMM-Penalized Algorithm for LDPC Decoding


The alternate direction methodology of multipliers (ADMM) approach has been recently thought-about for LDPC decoding. It has been approved to enhance the error rate performance compared with standard message passing (MP) techniques in both the waterfall and error floor regions at the price of a higher computation complexity. During this letter, a formulation of the ADMM decoding algorithm with modified computation scheduling is proposed. It will increase the error correction performance of the decoding algorithm and reduces the common computation complexity of the decoding method due to a faster convergence. Simulation results show that this modified scheduling hastens the decoding procedure on the subject of the ADMM initial formulation while enhancing the error correction performance. This decoding speed-up is further improved when the proposed scheduling is teamed with a recent complexity reduction technique detailed in Wei et al.IEEE Commun. Lett., 2015.

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