Research on biomechanical compatibility for the artificial anal sphincter based on rectal perception function reconstruction


To treat the anal incontinence, a new artificial anal sphincter is put forward. Aiming at the rectal perception function reconstruction and the mechanical compatibility for artificial anal sphincter, this paper regards the huge mobile contraction wave in the everyday rectal pressure contraction waves as the most signal of defecation. Meanwhile, by extracting options of rectal pressure signals with the assistance of wavelet packet analysis, and by adopting the Davies Bouldin index (DB) optimal algorithm, rectal perception operate reconstruction is realised through predicting the defecation by means of the SVM classifier. In order to avoid the rectal ischemia necrosis, a three-dimensional finite element model for the rectum and artificial anal sphincter is constructed, with the purpose of analysing the viscoelasticity of the rectum. Then, prony series is deduced by utilising the constitutive equation of rectum, and finite element analysis for artificial anal sphincter is conducted by simulating the contraction and relaxation of the sphincter to generate load. At last, the shift and the strain distribution for the rectum at the time of being oppressed are obtained. This simulative experiment result shows that the synthetic anal sphincter will highly accurately predict the defecation and it options favorable biomechanical compatibility.

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