PC-TRIO: A Power Efficient TCAM Architecture for Packet Classifiers


PC-TRIO is an indexed TCAM design for packet classification. In addition to index TCAMs, PC-TRIO uses wide SRAM words. On our packet classifier information sets, PC-TRIO reduced TCAM power by ninety six percent and lookup time by 98 % on a mean, compared to PC-DUOS+ [twenty eight] that doesn't use indexing or wide SRAMs. PC-DUOS+ was shown to be better than STCAM, which is a single TCAM architecture conventionally used for packet classification [twenty eight]. In this paper, we have a tendency to conjointly extend PC-DUOS+ by augmenting it with wide SRAMs and index TCAMs using the same methodology as used in PC-TRIO, to obtain PC-DUOS+W. On ACL information sets, PC-DUOS+W reduced TCAM power by eighty six % and lookup time by ninety eight percent, compared to PC-DUOS+, that demonstrates the effectiveness of indexing and usage of wide SRAMs in reducing power and lookup time for packet classifiers.

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