Evaluation of $hbox_$ Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications


In the previous couple of years, several Li-ion battery technologies are studied and developed for his or her use in electric vehicles (EVs). Among them, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are thought of a promising battery technology for EVs, thanks to their key benefits, like cycle life, efficiency, and reliability, to call some. This paper evaluates several industrial LFP batteries, studied beneath numerous testing eventualities, together with cycle life, energy efficiency, power capability, or internal resistance take a look at. The obtained results are compared with the long-term U.S. Advanced Consortium (USABC) goals, so as to validate the feasibility of this technology for its use in EVs. We found that although the tested LFP batteries successfully met some important USABC goals, there are still several technical challenges to be addressed, like the increase of the energy density or the reduction of the final price.

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