Multilayer Dynamic Traffic Grooming with Constrained Differentiated Resilience in IP/MPLS-over-WDM Networks


Our research study in this paper focuses on supporting differentiated resilience services in IP/MPLS-over-WDM networks with minimum resources while guaranteeing the quality in provisioned services (QoS) for subscribers. This has been achieved through our multilayer scheme which supports dynamic traffic grooming associated with constrained differentiated resilience. This scheme incorporates an intelligent adaptive heuristic approach and other traffic management mechanisms which solve multiple challenging problems: Differentiated multilayer dynamic traffic grooming based on connections granularity and priority, and connection admission control and wavelength assignment subject to multiple QoS and resilience constraints. We have implemented this scheme to evaluate its performance through conducting simulation experiments. The results demonstrate that our multilayer scheme can enable a network operator to significantly improve the utilization of resources in WDM networks as well as reduce the connection and bandwidth blocking probabilities of all supported traffic classes while guaranteeing their requirements in terms of QoS, resilience and optical physical impairments.

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