Incentives for Mobile Crowd Sensing: A Survey


Recent years have witnessed the fast proliferation of mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and wearable devices) in people's lives. Moreover, these devices possess powerful computation and communication capabilities and are equipped with varied engineered-in functional sensors. The massive amount and advanced functionalities of mobile devices have created a replacement interface between groups of people and environments. Several mobile crowd sensing applications have so been designed which recruit traditional users to contribute their resources for sensing tasks. To guarantee sensible performance of such applications, it's essential to recruit sufficient participants. Thus, a way to effectively and efficiently motivate traditional users attracts growing attention within the research community. This paper surveys various ways that are proposed in the literature to supply incentives for stimulating users to participate in mobile crowd sensing applications. The incentives are divided into three categories: entertainment, service, and money. Entertainment suggests that that sensing tasks are became playable games to draw in participants. Incentives of service exchanging are impressed by the principle of mutual edges. Monetary incentives provide participants payments for their contributions. We have a tendency to describe literature works of every kind comprehensively and summarize them during a compact kind. Further challenges and promising future directions concerning incentive mechanism design are discussed.

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