Broadband Continuous Frequency Tuning in a Terahertz Gyrotron With Tapered Cavity


Broadband continuous frequency tuning (CFT) in a terahertz gyrotron is promising for advanced terahertz applications. But, it is difficult to comprehend broadband CFT in an exceedingly typical open cavity, as a result of a protracted cavity is useful to expand the bandwidth but is usually tough to suppress the high -issue gyromonotron competition. In this paper, a tapered cavity with a long effective interaction length is proposed to expand the CFT bandwidth. The tapered circuit can scale back the -factor of the primary-order axial mode and accordingly suppress the gyromonotron competition. By selecting a cheap -factor cavity, a gyrotron might generate effective radiation sequentially underneath gyromonotron and gyrobackward-wave oscillator (BWO) states throughout the magnetic field tuning. In gyromonotron vary, the bandwidth is expanded as a result of of the cutoff frequency shifting. On the other hand, in gyro-BWO vary, the bandwidth is expanded because of the axial mode transition. The CFT bandwidth of 4 GHz is realized during a tapered 330-GHz TE12,four mode low-voltage gyrotron. The principle is very important for developing broadband CFT terahertz gyrotrons.

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