This work presents a biomedical microsystem with a wireless radiofrequency (RF)-powered electronics and versatile sensors/actuators for use in nanomedicinal diagnosis and therapy. The cooling of brain tissue has the potential to reduce the frequency and severity of epilepsy. Miniaturised spiral coils as a wireless power module with low-dropout linear regulator circuit convert RF signals into a DC voltage, can be implanted without a battery in monitoring free behaviour. A thermoelectric (TE) cooler is an actuator that is employed to cool down brain tissue to suppress epilepsy. Electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes and TE coolers are integrated to form module that is placed inside the head of a rat and fastened with a bio-compatible material. EEG signals are used to identify waveforms associated with epilepsy and are measured using readout circuits. The wireless part of the presented design achieves a low quiescent current and line/load regulation and high antenna/current efficiency with thermal protection to avoid damage to the implanted tissue. Epilepsy is suppressed by reducing the temperature to reduce the duration of this epileptic episode. Related characterisations demonstrate that the proposed design can be adopted in an effective nanomedicine microsystem.

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