A Bio-Inspired AER Temporal Tri-Color Differentiator Pixel Array


This article investigates the potential of a bio-inspired vision sensor with pixels that detect transients between three primary colors. The in-pixel color processing is impressed by the retinal color opponency that are found in mammalian retinas. Color transitions during a pixel are represented by voltage spikes, which are adore a neuron’s action potential. These spikes are conveyed off-chip by the Address Event Representation (AER) protocol. To achieve sensitivity to a few totally different color spectra within the visual spectrum, each pixel has three stacked photodiodes at totally different depths in the silicon substrate. The sensor has been fabricated in the quality TSMC ninety nm CMOS technology. A post-processing methodology to decode events into color transitions has been proposed and implemented as a custom interface to show real-time color changes in the visual scene. Experimental results are provided. Color transitions can be detected at high speed (up to a pair kHz). The sensor features a dynamic vary of fifty eight dB and a power consumption of twenty-two.five mW. This sort of sensor will be of use in industrial, robotics, automotive and alternative applications where essential data is contained in transient emissions shifts inside the visual spectrum.

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