Speed Up Big Data Analytics by Unveiling the Storage Distribution of Sub-Datasets - 2018


During this Project, we have a tendency to study the matter of sub-dataset analysis over distributed file systems, e.g., the Hadoop file system. Our experiments show that the sub-datasets distribution over HDFS blocks, that is hidden by HDFS, will typically cause corresponding analyses to suffer from a seriously imbalanced or inefficient parallel execution. Specifically, the content clustering of sub-datasets results in some computational nodes carrying out much more workload than others; furthermore, it results in inefficient sampling of sub-datasets, as analysis programs can typically browse massive amounts of irrelevant data. We have a tendency to conduct a comprehensive analysis on how imbalanced computing patterns and inefficient sampling occur. We have a tendency to then propose a storage distribution aware technique to optimize sub-dataset analysis over distributed storage systems referred to as DataNet. First, we tend to propose an economical algorithm to get the meta-knowledge of sub-dataset distributions. Second, we tend to design an elastic storage structure called ElasticMap based mostly on the HashMap and BloomFilter techniques to store the meta-information. Third, we have a tendency to employ distribution-aware algorithms for sub-dataset applications to attain balanced and economical parallel execution. Our proposed method can profit completely different sub-dataset analyses with varied computational necessities. Experiments are conducted on PRObEs Marmot 128-node cluster testbed and also the results show the performance edges of DataNet.

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