Controlling Electrical Appliances through PC and GSM Technology using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148


In today`s modern world, everybody is becoming dependent on high technology and equipments to make one`s life easier and hassle free. So there naturally arises a need for any person to control the appliances when he is away from his residence or work place for a short period or is touring due to some personal or business purposes at a faraway location and also to reduce the manpower by controlling machineries using the GSM Technology and appliances in industries, factories etc by a human compiled computer based software which cuts off and initiates the functioning on user‘s initiation.Therefore, the system of controlling and monitoring from a remote place becomes all the more necessary. Many products are available in the market which helps us controlling home appliances through internet. Mobiles phones have become a necessity in today`s world, therefore, to find a cost effective and secure solution, mobiles phones are better than any other available solutions. This paper presents PC remote controlling with the Mobile Phone when the user is away from the place.

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