Introducing the Vertical Roller Mill with Driven Rollers: An Innovation and Reliable Concept Suitable for Driving Large Mills


With the market demand for efficient, highly flexible, and high-capability plants for cement production, it absolutely was time to develop an innovative drive concept to cope with the demand: the planet's initial vertical roller mill (VRM) with driven rollers. With this concept, it's the rollers of the VRM that are driven, not-as is usually the case-the grinding table. With the roller-driven vertical mill, an innovative drive concept is obtainable that's specifically suitable for reliably driving giant vertical mills. In addition to the benefits in terms of plant availability, this idea offers process and technological benefits and allows for a highly efficient comminution process in vertical mills. Because of the variable-speed drives, the concept is notably suited to grinding plants for the production of ultrafine cements and to applications requiring the assembly of a wide range of cements. When the first roller-driven vertical mill was put into operation, it robustly demonstrated its mechanical functionality and operational reliability.

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