Concept, Design, and Implementation of Reconfigurable CORDIC - 2016


This brief presents the key concept, style strategy, and implementation of reconfigurable coordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC) architectures that may be configured to operate either for circular or for hyperbolic trajectories in rotation furthermore vectoring-modes. It will, so, be used to perform all the functions of each circular and hyperbolic CORDIC. We have a tendency to propose three reconfigurable CORDIC styles: one) a reconfigurable rotation-mode CORDIC that operates either for circular or for hyperbolic trajectory; 2) a reconfigurable vectoring-mode CORDIC for circular and hyperbolic trajectories; and three) a generalized reconfigurable CORDIC that may operate in any of the modes for each circular and hyperbolic trajectories. The reconfigurable CORDIC can perform the computation of varied trigonometric and exponential functions, logarithms, square-root, and therefore on of circular and hyperbolic CORDIC using either rotation-mode or vectoring-mode CORDIC in one single circuit. It will be used in digital synchronizers, graphics processors, scientific calculators, and thus on. It offers substantial saving of area complexity over the conventional style for reconfigurable applications.

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