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Aluminum Nitride Cross-Sectional Lamé Mode Resonators

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Aluminum Nitride Cross-Sectional Lamé Mode Resonators


This paper demonstrates a new category of AlN-primarily based piezoelectric resonators for operation in the microwave frequency range. These novel devices are identified as cross-sectional-Lamé-mode resonators (CLMRs) as they depend on the piezoelectric transduction of a Lamé mode, in the cross section of an AlN plate. Such a a pair of-D mechanical mode of vibration, characterised by motion along each the lateral and also the thickness directions, is actuated and sensed piezoelectrically through the coherent combination of the e31 and e3three piezoelectric coefficients of AlN. This special feature permits the implementation of CLMRs with high values of electromechanical coupling coefficient. In particular, we tend to experimentally demonstrated kt2 values in far more than 4.half dozen% and a couple of.fivep.c in CLMRs using, respectively, two or one metallic interdigitated metallic electrodes, and operating around one and a couple of.eight GHz. Furthermore, despite the dependence of the cross-sectional Lamé mode on both the thickness and the width of the AlN plate, lithographic tunability of the resonance frequency, by changing only the in-plane dimensions of the device, can be achieved without a substantial degradation of kt2. The capability of achieving high kt2 and multiple operating frequencies on the identical chip, without further fabrication costs (lithographic tunability of the resonance frequency), makes this technology one in all the most effective candidates for the implementation of multifrequency and low insertion loss filter banks for reconfigurable radiofrequency front ends.

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Aluminum Nitride Cross-Sectional Lamé Mode Resonators - 4.7 out of 5 based on 68 votes

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