A Flexible Piezoelectric Pulsewave Energy Harvester for Application to High-Efficiency Multi-Functional Skin Patches


A piezoelectric pulsewave energy harvester composed of flexible 3-layers generates electrical power from human arterial pulsewaves. We have a tendency to present the straightforward structure and novel fabrication process of the versatile 3-layers, having a silver inter-electrode layer between a P(VDF-TrFE) piezoelectric layer and a polyimide support layer. The triple functions and the needs of the silver inter-electrode layer are designed, acting as an electrode for piezoelectric poling, an electrode for piezoelectric energy harvesting, along with an etch stop barrier for window patterning on the polyimide support layer. We have a tendency to also developed special processes for the window patterning on the polyimide support layer with the polyimide residue removal on the silver electrode, thereby increasing the piezoelectric energy generation potency and support flexibility, also achieving an electric contact to the silver electrode through the patterned window. The fabricated energy harvester generates zero.2~one.9 μW from the human pulsewave within the vary of fifty~220 BPM, where the impact of window formation is demonstrated to extend energy efficiency and flexibility in the quantity of forty five% and 8%, respectively. The versatile energy harvester is capable to integrate further physiological sensors for the applications to the multi-practical self-powered skin patches.

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