Application of Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for Sensorless Control of Internal Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor


During this paper, a linear active disturbance rejection controller is applied for sensorless control of internal permanent-magnet synchronous motors. A hybrid position estimation strategy combining the high-frequency (HF) current injection for low-speed region with the electromotive force (EMF) estimation for prime-speed region is presented. In distinction to conventional hybrid methods, the two schemes were integrated into the identical management structure, and also the position observer is embedded into the present controller. The high performance of position estimation was achieved using line extended state observers (ESOs). Compared with typical sliding-model observer, the part delay and speed chattering was obviously reduced. The robustness of the hybrid sensorless management system was well performed in the total-speed range. Experimental results were presented to verify the appliance of proposed methodology.

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