A Two-Row Interdigitating-Finger Repulsive-Torque Electrostatic Actuator and Its Application to Micromirror Vector Display


This paper presents a unique two-row interdigitating-finger repulsive-torque electrostatic actuator and its application to the micromirror vector display. The actuator consists of higher and lower rotation units and an output beam. Every unit has one row of rotation fingers, i.e., the lower and upper rotation fingers, which interdigitate with every different. The lower and upper rotation fingers are subject to different electric potentials. Every rotation finger and its beneath aligned fastened finger are subject to the same electrical potential. The actuator generates repulsive torques to rotate the lower and upper fingers out-of-plane with the most rotation not limited either by the gap between fingers and also the substrate nor by the pull-in effect. The output beam is connected to the lower row of rotation fingers, and thus, the actuator has the same rotation because the lower unit. The actuator requires solely 2 skinny films and is suitable for surface micromachining. The model is established to verify the actuator and calculate its performance. Prototypes are fabricated and tested. The experimental results show that the actuator achieved a mechanical rotation of 11.five° at the static driving voltage of 150 V and a resonant frequency of 380 Hz with a sinusoidal driving voltage varying from 20 to seventy V. This paper demonstrates the application of the actuator in micromirror vector show. Four actuators are connected to the peripheries of a micromirror plate and independently controlled to drive the mirror plate to achieve quasi-static a pair of-D rotation. A laser beam is reflected and steered by the mirror plate to any desired direction to appreciate vector show. The prototype of the vector display micromirror is fabricated and tested. A vector display module integrating the micromirror, a laser, and a concave lens is constructed. Primarily based on this module, an automotive head-up display system is developed, which is able to show the navigation map, speed, turning sign, and vehicle loca- ion on a translucent screen. [2015-0098]

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