Wireless Monitoring System for Oral-Feeding Evaluation of Preterm Infants


The oral feeding disorder is one amongst the necessary indicators for the high risk cluster of neurodevelopment delay. The procedure of oral feeding needs the coordination of sucking, swallowing, and breathing activities, and it's the foremost advanced sensorimotor method for newborn infants. Premature infants often uneasily complete the procedure of oral feeding. However, the analysis of the oral feeding disorders and severity are typically addicted to the subjective clinical expertise of the physician. Monitoring the sucking-swallowing-respiration activities directly is troublesome for preterm infants. During this study, a wireless monitoring system for oral-feeding analysis of full term and preterm infants was proposed to objectively and quantitatively evaluate the coordination of suck-swallow-respiration function throughout oral feeding. Moreover, the ratios of the swallowing and breathing event numbers to the sucking event range were outlined to judge the coordination of suck-swallow-respiration perform during oral feeding. Finally, the system performance was validated and the coordination of suck-swallow-respiration operate for full term and preterm infants throughout oral feeding was conjointly investigated.

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