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This investigation presents new practical achievements regarding the speed of dielectric recovery process inside a vacuum interrupter chamber. In line with Andrews- Varey equations, a replacement model is developed using Matlab-Simulink software. This model is employed for doing a brand new research on inter electrode plasma diffusion, which is the foremost important factor throughout insulation recovery interval. The developed model is performed so that it can predict the ionic sheath enlargement velocity and post-arc current waveform caused by transient recovery voltage (TRV). One in every of the faced challenges is to get plasma parameters to be utilized based mostly on the previous experimental results. Considering the initial conditions and also the connected software model Applied to 9 completely different contact materials, and similar 100A quenching current, the achieved results are investigated in details. The main goal is to specify the influence of fabric (ion mass) and different parameters on the speed of inter-electrode plasma dispersion and voltage recovery method which will guide the designer towards choosing suitable contact material regarding TRV waveform. Furthermore the result of TRV value that is applied to the chamber is also investigated in details. In future works this model could be developed so that it can be applied to new metallic alloys made of doped varied chemical components.

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