Managing Temporal Constraints with Preferences: Representation, Reasoning, and Querying - 2017


Representing and managing temporal information, in the shape of temporal constraints, may be a crucial task in several areas, including information representation, coming up with, and scheduling. The present literature in the area is moving from the treatment of “crisp” temporal constraints to fuzzy or probabilistic constraints, to account for preferences and\or uncertainty. Given a set of temporal constraints, the analysis of the tightest implied constraints may be a basic task, which is crucial conjointly to produce reliable query-answering facilities. But, whereas such tasks have been widely addressed for “crisp” temporal constraints, they have not attracted enough attention within the “non-crisp” context however. We have a tendency to overcome such a limitation, by (i) extending quantitative temporal constraints to cope with preferences, (ii) defining a temporal reasoning algorithm which evaluates the tightest temporal constraints, and (iii) providing appropriate question-answering facilities based mostly on it.

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