Agile High-Q RF Photonic Zooming Filter


We have a tendency to report on the development of an agile radio frequency (RF) photonic receiver front-finish primarily based on a tunable single pole band-pass RF photonic filter with reconfigurable pass band. The filter center frequency is tunable from thirty MHz to three GHz (VHF-UHF frequency band) in a microsecond time interval, and its bandwidth is adjustable from 100 kHz to one hundred MHz in but 10 $mu texts$ time interval. The filter out-of-band rejection ratio exceeds thirty five dB. The filter features 23 dB frequency freelance insertion loss and −a hundred and forty dBm/Hz noise floor with respect to input, along with one hundred ten dB $cdot $ , Hz $^2/3$ spurious free dynamic vary measured at a hundred MHz filter bandwidth. The employment of photonics technology permits adjusting the center frequency of the filter to any frequency inside thirty MHz–a hundred GHz range without performance degradation.

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