Tunable, High-Q, Substrate-Integrated, Evanescent-Mode Cavity Bandpass-Bandstop Filter Cascade


A new single substrate-integrated bandpass-bandstop (BP-BS) filter cascade, implemented using high-Q, heavily-loaded, evanescent-mode cavity filters, is presented. The cascade has the capability of dynamically tuning its passband and stopband at any two independent frequencies within a frequency range. A modular design approach is employed to style the cascade by directly cascading synthesized coupling matrices of bandpass and bandstop filters. To demonstrate the concept, a four% second-order Butterworth bandpass filter is integrated with a second-order Butterworth bandstop filter, with a pair of% fractional bandwidth at ten-dB rejection, to form a cascade that can be tuned continuously from 300zero to 3600 MHz. Measurement shows that a filter cascade with insertion loss as low as 0.nine dB and isolation as high as one hundred dB is feasible.

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