Long-Distance Telecommunication in Remote Poor Areas: From Partnerships and Implementation to Sustainability


New transportation, production, and telecommunications technologies have had monumental impacts on the economic, political, and social aspects of countries and their folks. Totally different disciplines argue whether or not the general consequences of these advances have been positive or negative for humanity [one]. To Illustrate, the commercial revolution has revolutionized the standard of life and economic development of most people in the world; but most agree that this phenomena could be a main cause of world warming, which might have a huge impact on future generations. Digital technologies are not exempt from the complex combine of positive and negative repercussions. While the impacts of digital technologies are gradually extending into health, education, governance, and human rights [2], these technologies are being ?adopted at alarmingly different rates and levels around the planet and within countries themselves, thus impacting the amount of development and empowerment of individuals, groups of people, and nations [three], [four]. In some cases, technologies that are labeled as ?democratic? and should be tools to succeed in and impact all citizens, are technologies that are amplifying already existing issues which unevenly empower segments of the population, therefore altering the political, social, health, and economic ecosystems in favor of select few.

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