Auditory Intelligent Speed Adaptation for Long-Distance Informal Public Transport In South Africa


Informal transport refers to the collective passenger road transport business with very little or no regulatory management of its operations, typically characterized by unplanned and ad-hoc service delivery. The notoriously dangerous informal transport business in South Africa - dominated by minibus taxis - has been shown to disregard the posted speed limit on long-distance visits. Not only do they frequently exceed the differentiated speed limit imposed on minibus taxis, however also the speed limit imposed own normal passenger vehicles. This paper evaluates the impact of an auditory Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) intervention, applied at varied intensity levels, on the rushing behavior of this seemingly intransigent mode of transport. The experiment evaluates the behavior on the R61 between Beaufort West and Aberdeen. We evaluate the rushing distributions, rushing frequencies, speed percentiles, mean speeds, and the statistical relevance of key metrics. We notice that the auditory intervention contains a clear impact on rushing behavior, both when applied at an audible level which will be drowned out by a radio, and even bigger impact at a loud level. The impact on rushing is important, with rushing frequency (each time and distance) reducing by over 20 proportion points.

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