Visible Light Communication, Networking, and Sensing: A Survey, Potential and Challenges


The solid-state lighting is revolutionizing the indoor illumination. Current incandescent and fluorescent lamps are being replaced by the LEDs at a speedy pace. Apart from extraordinarily high energy efficiency, the LEDs have alternative benefits such as longer lifespan, lower heat generation, and improved color rendering without using harmful chemicals. One additional profit of LEDs is that they are capable of switching to completely different light-weight intensity at a terribly quick rate. This functionality has given rise to a unique Communication technology (referred to as visible light-weight Communication—VLC) where LED luminaires can be used for top speed information transfer. This survey provides a technology overview and review of existing literature of visible light-weight Communication and sensing. This paper provides a close survey of one) visible lightweight Communication system and characteristics of its various elements such as transmitter and receiver; two) physical layer properties of visible light-weight Communication channel, modulation ways, and MIMO techniques; three) medium access techniques; four) system design and programmable platforms; and 5) visible light-weight sensing and application like indoor localization, gesture recognition, screen-camera Communication, and vehicular networking. We tend to also outline important challenges that require to be addressed so as to style high-speed mobile networks using visible light-weight Communication.

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