Reliable Microwave Modeling by Means of Variable-Fidelity Response Features


During this work, methodologies for low-price and reliable microwave modeling are presented using variable-fidelity response features. The 2 key elements of our approach are: one) a realization of the modeling process at the amount of suitably selected feature points of the responses (e.g., $S$-parameters versus frequency) of the structure at hand and a pair of) the exploitation of variable-fidelity EM simulation data, conjointly for the response feature illustration. Due to the less nonlinear dependence between the coordinates of the feature points on the geometrical parameters of the structure of interest, the quantity of coaching data can be greatly reduced. Additional value reduction is obtained by means that of generating the majority of the coaching knowledge at a coarse-discretization EM simulation level and exploiting the correlations between the EM models of numerous fidelities. We propose 2 ways in which of combining the low- and high-fidelity information sets: one) an external approach, through space mapping (simpler to implement) and a pair of) an enclosed approach, using co-kriging (more versatile and probably providing better accuracy). The operation and performance of our modeling techniques are demonstrated by three microstrip filter examples and a compact rat-race coupler. A comprehensive verification and comparisons with several benchmark techniques, in addition to application examples (filter optimization) also are provided.

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