Influence of Slot and Pole Number Combinations on Voltage Distortion in Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines With Local Magnetic Saturation


The local magnetic saturation in tooth-tips of surface-mounted permanent magnet (SPM) machines generates on-load terminal voltage distortion, especially when little or closed slot openings are adopted. This paper focuses on investigating the influence of slot and pole variety (Ns/2p) mixtures on this phenomenon in both fractional slot and integer slot SPM machines. The mechanism of this phenomenon and the way it's influenced by current advance angle and tooth-tip geometric parameters are introduced initial. Then, voltage distortion pattern is proposed to investigate the occurring time or rotor positions of voltage ripples and their relative amplitudes in step with the winding arrangements of different Ns/2 p combos, with the influence of PM leakage flux considered. By 2-D finite-part analysis, the voltage distortion of varied machines is calculated and compared, such as , , N s/2p = three/2 (three/4), and integer slot machines with slot variety per pole per part or a pair of. The analysis results reveal that beneath the identical comparison conditions, the integer slot machines have less voltage distortion than the fractional slot machines, particularly when . Meanwhile, for the identical slot range, the fractional slot machines with suffer from on-load voltage distortion but their counterparts with . Finally, three prototype machines with twelve/10, twelve/fourteen, and 12/eight slot/pole numb- rs are manufactured and tested to validate the analyses.

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