Theoretical and experimental analyses of a hybrid excitation synchronous generator with integrated brushless excitation


This paper proposes a completely unique integrated brushless excitation method (IBEM) for a rotor-excited generator. IBEM is applied to a rotor-excited hybrid excitation synchronous generator (HESG) to realise brushless excitation whereas the key options of the rotor-excited generator are maintained. The new generator is referred as IBE HESG here. The stator excitation windings are buried in the stator slots. The static excitation field is established within the air gap when there's dc excitation current in the stator excitation windings. The 3-part armature coils of the rotor induce the static excitation field and give the dc excitation current for the rotor excitation windings via a rotating rectifier. The operating principles are mentioned theoretically. The magnetic field distribution and therefore the operating characteristics are studied by finite-element analysis. The no-load, external, regulation and excitation characteristics are analysed. Compared with the comb excitation HESG, the rotor excitation current is ready to fulfill the requirement and also the output voltage is conveniently regulated by the stator excitation current. Finally, a one.5 kVA prototype is fabricated to check the operating characteristics of IBE HESG. It demonstrates that the brushless excitation is realised and also the output voltage is regulated by the stator excitation current.

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