Passive Noise Shaping in SAR ADC With Improved Efficiency - 2018


This brief reports a passive noise-shaping (PNS) theme for successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) primarily based on the 2-step integration with passive gain and comparator gain techniques. The analysis shows that the proposed method achieves a better noise-shaping (NS) efficiency than previous arts, which enhances the noise attenuation by 14 dB. A style example is provided that further adopts the delta-sampling technique to relieve the conversion potency loss due to the oversampling in the NS SAR ADC. The efficiency of the proposed PNS theme and also the performance of the ADC are verified by simulation achieving a thirteen.2 effective number of bits with a ten-b ADC architecture and eight conversion cycles for a sign bandwidth of two MHz sampled at 100 MS/s. The calculated Schreier figure of merit (FoM) and Walden FoM are 176.8 dB and sixteen fJ/conv.-step, respectively.

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