Energy and Area Efficient Three-Input XOR/XNORs With Systematic Cell Design Methodology - 2017


In this temporary, we have a tendency to propose three efficient three-input XOR/XNOR circuits as the foremost vital blocks of digital systems with a replacement systematic cell design methodology (SCDM) in hybrid-CMOS logic style. SCDM, which is an extension of CDM, plays the essential role in planning efficient circuits. At 1st, it's deliberately given priority to general style goals in an exceedingly base structure of circuits. This structure is generated systematically by employing binary call diagram. After that, regarding high flexibility in style targets, SCDM aims to specific ones within the remaining 3 steps, which are wise selections of basic cells and amend mechanisms, also transistor sizing. In the tip, the resultant three-input XOR/XNORs enjoy full-swing and fairly balanced outputs. They perform well with supply voltage scaling, and their essential path contains only two transistors. They additionally outperform their counterparts exhibiting twenty sevenp.c-77p.c reduction in average energy-delay product in HSPICE simulation based mostly on TSMC 0.13-µm technology. The symmetric schematic topologies considerably simplify and minimize the layout, as 26p.c-32% improvement in area is demonstrated.

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