In this paper, we propose a pipelined reconfigurable fixed-width Baugh-Wooley multiplier design framework that provides four configuration modes (CMs): n × n fixed-width multiplier, two n/2 × n/2 fixed-width multipliers, n/2 × n/2 full-precision multiplier, and two n/A × n/A full-precision multipliers. Furthermore, low-power schemes including gated clock and zero input techniques are employed to achieve the power-efficient pipelinedreconfigurable design. The presented power-efficient pipelined reconfigurable fixed-width multiplier design not only generates a family of widely used multipliers but also leads to 10.59, 21.7, 28.84, and 31.58 percent powersaving, on average, for n = 8,16,24, and 32, respectively, compared with that of the pipelined reconfigurablefixed-width multiplier without using the low-power schemes. On the other hand, compared with non-reconfigurable pipelined multiplier, we can save 0.81, 12.46, 17.93, and 23.2 percent power consumption, respectively, for n = 8,16,24, and 32.

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