An Online Cost-efficient Transmission Scheme for Information-agnostic Traffic in Inter-datacenter Networks


Because network services are now deployed on geographically distributed cloud platforms in this age of Cloud Computing, there is a significant increase in the amount of traffic that occurs between datacenters. When it comes to charging cloud users for inter-datacenter transmission services, cloud service providers (CSPs) have largely gravitated toward the adoption of multi-tier pricing schemes. Cloud users frequently opt for a sufficiently high service level because they want to avoid the severe penalties that are associated with missing a deadline. Nevertheless, before accessing the network, they are typically unaware of the total volume of traffic; as a result, a high transmission cost is incurred. In this paper, we propose an online cost-efficient transmission scheme for cloud users with information-agnostic traffic. The scheme is intended to reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency. The fundamental concept is to divide a transmission request for a long period of time into a number of requests for shorter periods of time. In this plan, we take into account the countermeasures that the CSP has in place, and we use a Stackelberg game to model the interactions that take place between the cloud users and the CSP. Using an online algorithm that is based on Lyapunov optimization, we demonstrate that it is possible to determine the optimal number of short-term requests as well as the transmission service levels that are associated with those requests. The findings of the experiments indicate that a win-win situation can be reached between the CSP and the cloud users, with a reduction of 59 percent in the amount of money spent by cloud users on transmission costs.

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