An Improved Transformer Winding Tap Injection DSTATCOM Topology for Medium-Voltage Reactive Power Compensation - 2017


This paper describes an improved transformer winding tap injection distribution static synchronous compensator (WTI-DSTATCOM) for medium-voltage reactive power compensation. The cascaded multilevel converter primarily based DSTATCOM is connected to the special-designed winding faucets on the primary windings of the transformer instead of the standard purpose of common coupling. The voltage stress for DSTATCOM to handle is reduced. The winding tap injection (WTI) methodology will make full use of the spare capability of the transformer and acquire a versatile association voltage for DSTATCOM. The compensation mechanism and winding current distribution once currents injection are analyzed by phasor diagrams under steady state. A nonlinear passivity-primarily based management (PBC) algorithm is designed for inner-loop current management and a three-layer voltage balancing management strategy is applied to balance the dc capacitor voltage. The results obtained from the MATLAB/Simulink simulations and a down-scaled laboratory prototype experiment of 80zero V verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed WTI-DSTATCOM system with PBC algorithm in reactive power compensation.

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