Open-End Multilevel Six-Phase Machine Drive System With Five Three-leg Converters - 2017


This paper proposes and investigates a multilevel ac six-part motor drive. The system is composed of 5 isolated three-leg voltage supply inverters feeding the open-end windings of an asymmetrical six-section induction motor (SPIM), that is adequate to get multilevel voltages for high-power systems with voltage rating restrictions. A easy area vector pulse-width modulation (PWM) based mostly on 3 similar individual planes and its implementation by means that of equivalent level-shifted PWM are presented. A house vector pattern with a high variety of voltage vectors redundancies is obtained. These redundancies and the applying sequence of the voltage vectors are selected to minimize the quantity of changes in the switching states and to decrease the harmonic distortion of the generated voltages. The vector pattern of this optimal modulation is obtained by analyzing only one plane and applied in the same means to the 3 planes as if they were freelance. The developed PWM techniques have low computational complexity and are appropriate for low-value hardware implementations. Simulation results are used to check the proposed topology with a typical configuration in terms of harmonic distortion and semiconductor losses. Experimental results demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed drive system.

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